Profiling your Computer for Compatibility Checking

Computer Profiling is way to see what components are inside of your computer case.  It can tell you what make and model of motherboard you have, what kind and how much memory (RAM) the motherboard will support, and countless other things  Additionally, it can tell you what kind of processor you have and at what speed it is rated at. A fundamental measure of your performance capabilities or ability to handle application loads. 

A couple programs we use for profiling at CCS are

Belarc Advisor –

AIDA32 – 

Both programs are freeware. They provide different levels of profiles.  

Belarc system has a detailed profile and an essential check of the Security Updates you have installed.  It lists the ones you are missing with links to get them.  It goes even further and profiles what other software and versions are installed.  The results are presented in a nice browser window.  You can save the results for offline viewing later. 

The AIDA32 system is a little more basic but still gives you good information in its own little window.  

Either can be used.  I would recommend Belarc for its more complete, and easy to understand, layout. 

In summary, if you need to know if your current hardware will support the latest software update to your favorite application, these programs will give you a place to start.  They will help you to see if you may need to install more RAM or need a faster processor.  

To simplify this procedure you can have CCS come to your site and run these profilers. Or have us go over the results to see what may be needed to keep your business running smoothly. 

Email or call 800-672-4806 if you have any questions. 


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