What Can you Learn from Sales History?

Of the hundreds of reports that are included in Counterpoint SQL, many are geared toward sales history. Studying your sales trends can tell you a lot about your businesses. They enable you to effectively manage your store, and remain prepared for the future. 

Sales history reports are tools to help you manage your current inventory and make buying decisions. You can better plan for sales and incentives, manage clearance and markdown items, market to new prospects, and even help drive repeat business. The bottom line is these reports will improve your profitability. 

How do these reports accomplish these goals? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know who your best customers are?
  • Do you know the last time each of them were in your store?
  • Who is your best sales person?
  • What is a good target for sales?
    • Sales Volume?
    • Profitability?
    • # of tickets?
    • # of lines?
  • Who is your best vendor?
  • What is your inventory turn rate?
    • How does that compare with others by industry or by product category?
  • What product category has the most sales?
  • What product category has the most profit? 

Using Sales History reports to answer these questions will have the following affect on your business (in no particular order):

  1. Increase the amount of each transaction
  2. Get your customers to shop more often
  3. Increase referrals – free advertising to increase your volume
  4. Do internal staff training – find out who is best and leverage them
  5. Set data-driven goals for each salesperson
  6. Measure key metrics about your business 

Collecting and analyzing would be quite daunting for a manager without a tool like CounterPoint SQL. Reports such as the Flash Sales Report, Sales Analysis By Group, Sales History by Customer by Item, the unique CounterPoint Dashboard and many others can empower you to take control of your sales and profits! 

Call CCS Retail Systems today for a free personalized demonstration that will show you the power of knowledge and awareness when it comes to managing your store!



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