Power protection

Power issues can arise at any time, but it is more common during inclement weather.  Wind, especially can cause power fluctuations, and outages.

Most of you have your server connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).  Your workstations may be on a UPS also.  That is good, because not only is power maintained, but power spikes and surges are also caught.  If you are not connected to a UPS, you should at least be connected to a surge suppression strip.

However, power related problems can originate from any of your equipment.  Do you have an unprotected printer connected to your workstation?  A power spike or surge can come in through the printer, and over the data cable connecting it to your computer, and damage your computer.  If it is a network printer, the same can happen over the network cable, and damage network cards on other computers or printers.

CCS offers a complete selection of power protection and surge suppression equipment for all sizes and models of servers, desktops, and retail devices.  Contact us for guidance in making sure your systems are protected.  Remember that a damages system may contain software and data that is hard to replace.


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