Purchasing New Equipment

Although CCS Retail Systems will do its best to try to keep the equipment you already own in tip top shape, there comes a time when a piece of equipment just needs to be replaced.  Whether it is a printer or a complete PC, make sure what you are getting will work with the applications you use.

To find out what you need, read the minimum and recommended requirement documentation. This is either in the manual or on the manufacturers website.  If you purchase your equipment on your own, be sure you are getting at least the minimum requirements dictated by your software applications.  If you purchase your equipment through CCS Retail Systems, we already know what you need.  If you have special requirements be sure to mention this to the sales rep helping you.  For example, you may need a better Video Card for a design application you use.  The built-in Video Card may be a little underpowered to run it at the optimal settings desired.

Most new PCs come with Windows Vista installed now, You need to be sure that your application is compatible with Vista. You may run into problems after setting things up, transferring all you files and email.  Your application may not work as expected.  If you need or prefer Windows XP, you may be able to downgrade for a small fee.  At CCS Retail Systems, we can still get new PCs with Windows XP installed.

Where you have to be careful is when your application is not “certified” for Windows Vista but it seems to run fine. If you experience another issue with the software, you may not be able to get support through the manufacturer since it is a “non-certified” OS.

All things considered, if you have any questions on what you need, or what you have, feel free to email me at or call 800-672-4806.

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