CCS’s Hardware Solutions for Retail Stores

The solutions I have discussed up to this point in earlier articles were all about the software, and what it can do to help your business. Today, I’d like to point out the Radiant All-In-One solution Retail Station as the lowest total cost of ownership over time.

The most advanced POS terminals, the Radiant 1520, 1550, and soon the 1750 are bundled with top-of-the-line peripheral devices to provide you with everything you need for running an efficient store. They have a lower total cost of ownership because they run longer than competitive products, and return to service faster if maintenance is required. 

These durable units are designed for the retail environment, so can withstand water, dirt, and dust to a much greater degree than a personal computer or competitors’ machine. If you’re interested in seeing just how durable they are, ask me to send you a video that demonstrates just that. 

When you choose CCS as the single source for your software and hardware needs, you reduce implementation risks and optimize the technology solution for your operating environment. Call me today to discuss what options are most appropriate for your business!

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