Remote Support Techniques

Remote Access to your system helps CCS Retail Systems support your company more quickly and more effectively.  We can help you without the potential delay of scheduling and travel.  The problem can be experienced firsthand.  We are at our office with all of our reference material and diagnostic aids.
There are many ways to allow access us to your system.
For Windows there are a few third party programs and some built-in programs depending on your version of Windows.  If you are a Mac user there are versions for some of these for you.
·  Symantec PC Anywhere: A Remote control and file transfer system. It requires an Internet Circuit or dial-up connection.  Best if you do not have the Internet. Commercial.
·  Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP): A Remote control system. It is built into Windows XP and higher. It requires an Internet circuit.
·  Remote Assistance Connection: Similar to RDP but allows you to participate in the session. Also built into Windows.
·  LogMeIn: A browser-based remote control system. Your computer hosts our browser link.  Freeware.
·  VNC: A remote control systems. Your computer hosts a graphical connection from our computer over the Internet. Freeware.
·  There are many others, these are the ones we commonly recommend.  See windows columns for more information.
For UNIX/Linux Systems there are several products that can be used, as well.  They can be text-oriented or graphically-oriented.  We normally just need a text interface.
·  Telnet: A text interface built into UNIX/Linux.  A remote session system.  It requires an Internet circuit or dial-up connection.
·  VNC: A remote control systems. Your server hosts a graphical or text connection from our computer over the Internet. Freeware.
·  SSH: A secure telnet connection. Freeware.
·  There are many others, these are the ones we commonly recommend.  See Linux/UNIX columns for more information.
If we are using the Internet for remote access there maybe some network configuration involved with your DSL/Cable modem.  CCS Retail Systems can help you configure properly and securely, if needed.
By having remote access to your system CCS can usually fix or help you through your problem much quicker than trying to walk you through some complicated commands. Especially if they are not very tech-savvy. This also gives us more access to important files like logs which can allow us to find the problems quickly.  The result can be a saving of time and support dollars.

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