What is the Inventory Recalculation Utility?

What is the Inventory Recalculation Utility?
This utility has been around since the early versions of CounterPoint. It’s original design intent was to allow end-users to recalculate the Inventory Status Location Quantities (Quantity Committed, Quantity Available, Quantity on Purchase Order, Quantity on Transfer, etc.) to match the actual transactions that are currently on file. This utility also resets the item master record summary totals.
This usually leads to the next question…
Why are my quantities out of synch?
Various anomalies or events that have occurred over time may have caused this to happen. The following is a general list of possible events that might merit using this utility: 
  • Power Failure.
  • Hardware Crashes.
  • Network disconnections.
  • End-users locking and rebooting their workstations.
How often should this utility be run? 
Generally, I would recommend running this utility a least once a month, at month end, or before any Physical Counts are started.
I was using CounterPoint version 7.5.X, and we recently upgraded to CP SQL 8.3.8. Is there any difference between how this works in the two versions?
Generally, no… However, in CP SQL 8.3.X, if Multi-Site is being used, this can only be run at the Hub (First Site Server). This is due to design differences in both the CP SQL software and the Peer Direct (Progress) data replication software handles files.
If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned problems, or if you are having difficulty getting the utility to run, please call the CCS Retail Systems Support Department for assistance.


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