Vista Shuts Down Slowly Sometimes

This article is targeted at Vista users.  A similar procedure can be used on XP.  I will post the XP version in a future article.

I know, I know, Its the end of the day, your tired, eyes hurt and just want to get home.  So you start to shutdown your PC and it seems to be taking FOREVER.Yell   If you are willing to peek under the hood a little bit, here is a tip that might help you.

There are many reasons why your PC or notebook may be taking a long time to shutdown. For example it could be installing Automatic Windows updates, Outlook may be processing documents, your driver software may be out of date,  or some other more hidden reason.  Here is a way to find out what may be causing the slowdown.
Start by loading the event viewer "eventvwr.msc" from the run box.   If you have a new style keyboard, press WINDOWS KEY + R  and type eventvwr.msc into the box.  If you do not have a Windows Key, use the start Icon and the Run link on its menu.  Once the event viewer has loaded, browse to Applications and Services > Microsoft > Windows > Diagnostics-Performance > Operational with the scroll windows. This may take a few seconds to appear, as lots of data is loading.

Once complete, it will display any significant events in the center panel. You can scroll through events, to see which applications or services are are slowing the shutdown (look for "Shutdown Performance Monitoring" under the "Task Category" tab).  You can then google for more information on each suspicious item individually.  

To get more details you can call CCS Retail Systems with this information and ask for us to help you further.  Updating you software and drivers can may resolve these issues. 

Conflicts between software components is a common cause of slow shutdowns. The information in the event viewer gives you a tool to leverage.  Resolving slow shutdowns can save hours of time in a month.

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