How to Survive a Down Economy

Due to the economy, many retailers are apprehensive to make a decision right now regarding the purchase of a Point of Sale System. This is understandable. After all, we’re suppose to “tighten our belts”, “hunker down”, and “wait it out”, right? 

One could argue that this is the absolute wrong thing you can do in a recession. Obtaining a system like CounterPoint SQL will help your business survive an economy like this in several ways: First, the system will help you cut costs. CounterPoint does this by allow you to decrease your inventory. Excess Inventory leads to poor cash flow, higher interest expense (if you’re borrowing), excessive obsolescence, theft, maintenance, insurance, taxes, etc.  Our software can identify slow movers, provide JIT inventory and safety stock, and provides automated reorder points. 

Second, CPSQL will reduce shrinkage. The average shrinkage in a retail environment ranges from 5%-15% of annual sales. Through end of day and exception reports, biometrics, the elimination of errors, and the ability to view data remotely, a business owner can cut that shrinkage in half, or more! A new system from CCS can increase your sales through Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs, the management of which is built-in to CounterPoint SQL.

Vendor Management and Purchasing through the software can also allow you to increase your bottom line. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, creating and managing an E-Commerce website integrated with your Point of Sale system can provide unlimited sales growth, not only during a downward economy, but well into the future as online sales continue to grow exponentially. 

So don’t allow your business to stagnate in the coming months and through the next year. There are leasing options available that will allow you to reap the benefits of a system without a large initial expense. Call CCS Retail Systems today to explore the opportunities available! Laughing

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