Links In Outlook Give An Error Message

I recently had a customer call me with an Outlook problem.  The problem they had was when clicking a link to a website in the email, they would get an annoying error message.

The error message they were receiving read:
"The operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your systems administrator."

Now there are a couple of remedies for this problem, but the one to try first is this:

Go into your Control Panel then into Default Programs.  Once there choose Set Program Access and Computer Defaults.  Expand the Custom menu (NOT the Windows or non_Windows) and choose Internet Explorer in the Choose the Default Internet Browser section.  Click OK and close Internet Explorer and Outlook if they are open. 

Now re-open them and try the link. It should now work.

The trick is that even if the Windows Menu (the first one in the list of expandable Menus in default settings) says Explorer is the default browser it may be corrupted.  Using the Custom option menu forces a rewrite of the information and clears the problem. .This is what helped my customer.  And will most likely help you too.Wink

There are some other options to try if this does not work which can be found at  This article involves some registry editing so if you are not familiar with doing that write me an email at or call CCS Retail Systems for help.


Thanks for reading

-Bryan Cool

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