Bringing Customers Back with Good Customer Service

Support IssueI almost always get my car serviced at the same dealership. Wonder why? They go out of their way to treat me right, not like some auto repair places I’ve dealt with in the past. These are some of the things that I really appreciate as their customer:
  • They carefully explain everything upfront, including needed repair, how long I can wait before the repair is imperative, and an estimate of all costs including labor.  If there is an alternative place that will do the work cheaper, they recommend it if I ask.
  • The work is done right the first time, and the car is clean when it is returned. They use carpet protectors when they enter the car, and even vacuum the carpet when the job is completed.
  • They provide a driver to take me home and pick me up after the work is done.
  • They give me a certificate for a free car wash at a nearby gas station, and if I don’t use it before the validation date expires, they will gladly re-validate it. (Last time it was two months before I got around to it, and they still re-validated the certificate!)
  • They frequently send me flyers in the mail about specials they are offering. They are not always for services I need, but often they are. This saves me money.
These “perks” are all important to me, so I return, time after time. Good service cannot be over-done!
What are you doing in your business to bring your customers back? One thing you might consider using is NCR’s Counterpoint feature called CustomerConnect. It allows you to keep track of those loyal customers, know their needs, and target your advertising to those most likely to use your products and/or services.
Want more information? All it takes is a quick call to CCS Retail Systems at 800/425-672-4806. You can also email us. Don’t wait any longer to find out about this great feature. Call today!

Go The Extra Inch

Extra MileThe Extra Mile

We’ve all heard about going the extra mile – doing some spectacular – above and beyond the ordinary to deliver an amazing customer experience.  But how about going the extra inch?

Retail is detail – and in many cases just doing a little bit extra will make your customers happy and more importantly, make them more loyal.

Examples of going the extra inch?

  • A kite store ties a snap swivel on every spool of kite string the goes out the door. They also size and trim every child’s first yo-yo string. A big deal? No, but it makes the customers’ experience better and they remember.
  • An ice cream shop puts a candy corn in the bottom of every sugar cone so that the melting ice cream drips don’t leak out. Not a big deal nor a big expense but mom and dad remember the thoughtfulness and the child remembers the treat.
  • An electronics store follows up with a call or an email to see if you liked the equipment you bought. It’s not a show stopper but it makes the customer feel that the store really cares that they were happy with their purchase. Guess where that customer will go the next time he/she needs an electronic gadget.

So where is your extra inch? Can you…

  • Dress up your shopping bags with tissue and/or a raffia tie?
  • Adjust the straps on every bike helmet you sell?
  • Send a thank you not to your best customers for that day?
  • Offer a mini bottle of water (with your logo, of course) to your thirsty shoppers?
  • Put a piece of candy in each shopping bag?
  • Give out a sheet of planting tips with your annuals?

There are probably any number of little things you can do to go the extra inch. Ask your staff to come up with some ideas. They’ll probably surprise you!

One of the best things about these types of ideas is that you can start doing them quickly  and easily – unlike going the extra mile. No need for a marching band or a roller coaster in the parking lot. Just go the extra inch.

Talk to you soon.   ~Norma