Invalid Token

When logging in I received an "Invalid Token" message and a blank screen.   What does this mean?  What should I do?

Invalid Token messages are infrequent and are gnearated by the Joomla session manager.  Each login session is assigned a token to control it.   The session was assigned a token that is flawed or interpreted as flawed.   This is an internal error and can be safely ignored.  You login information is NOT incorrect.

The simple soluton is to close the browser window and try again.   The system should adjust and provide a different corrected token the second time.

If the situation persists email us for help.

Using Windows Media Player Files

Windows Media Player Files (.wmv) requires that your Windows system has all the libraries needed registered in the Windows registry.   One of the most common reasons for Internet Explorer failing to load .wmv files is the wmp.dll is not registered.   To correct this do the following on your PC:

    Run a command prompt as administrator ( Enter cmd to the Run command prompt )
    Enter: cd \windows\system32
    Enter: regsvr32 wmp.dll
    You should get a window showing successful registration.

Now try your .wmv file link again.

FireFox Compatibility

If you are running FireFox or Opera you may experience missing screen elements that are designed with table based display elements.  To compensate for this you may want to use your copy of the Google Chrome browser or the Internet Explorer 8 browser.   Cross-browser Solutions for FF and Opera browsers are being created.  This situation is temporary.

Web Page Display Truncated on Right

If your screen resolution is narrower than 1280px you can experience some truncation on the right-side of your browser display.   We endeavor to make our site compatible as possible with most common equipment and browsers.   All Images may not scale to your screen width.

A simple solution is to use the Zoom Level on your browser at a value less than 100%.   Reduce the Zoom by 5% and try again until you reach a level that show the complete web page.  With IE this is in the bottom right corner in the status line.   In other browsers this is behind the scenes a bit more.   Look in the Help section of the browser for instructions.

Quick Menu Overlap

On some pages, it is possible that the Quick Menu left-side may overlap the content in the center column.   To correct this use the up-arrow in the Quick Menu heading to hide the background.   It is the background that is overlapping rather than the Menu itself.  All right column modules can be collapsed with the arrow in the heading.  

This condition should no longer be present.

IE8 Compatibility Mode

Our site is set to inform IE8 and newer to use IE7 Emulation mode.  If you experience any problems, use the IE8 Tools menu to add to the list of compatibility mode sites where indicated.  

Here is an example of how to use the compatibility mode option.  This is available on the IE8 or IE9 Tools menu.  You can test the impact of using compatibility mode by clicking the torn page icon at the end of the address bar.


Using the RSS News Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Support 

CCS Retail Systems maintains several Employee Blogs that have direct and FeedBurner RSS feed links . This provides a convenient way for you to let your browser or news reader keep track of new articles for you.  You subscribe to the feed on the website with your browser, and then the browser or reader requests updates from the feed when it is started and periodically there after.  You can set the frequency of the updates on a per feed basis with your browser. 

NOTE: Newsfeeds are intended for Blog syndication primarily.   We only offer news feeds on our Blogs and Home page to reduce the complexity of our system.  Our Home page is really a Blog format.  On other pages IE 8 or 9 users can look for the  Webslices Green Icon in their Browser Toolbar. 

With newsfeeds you can optionally view the changes to the pages you subscribe to without visiting the site, or use the RSS updates as triggers when to revisit the site with the URLs they include.  In Internet Explorer 8 and up you can use the Web Slices feature to alert you of changes also.   See our Web Slices article in this Blog

Subscribing To News Feeds 

If you are not familiar with RSS, it is a Service that Websites like CCS Retail Systems can provide for its visitors to get an automatic digest style of article summaries for a Web page or Blog.  The webmaster can subscribe to an aggregation service like Google FeedBurner to enhance this service.  The aggregator forwards a summary of available documents to your browser for the feeds you subscribe to on the website.    

At CCS we use the ATOM 1.0 feed format and the RSS 2.0 format.   We recommend ATOM, it gives you more flexibility and features for the content.   Our aggregator is Google FeedBurner, it supports both formats.  For more details visit Wikipedia.

Here are the steps for you to perform to setup the CCS FeedBurner newsfeeds in your Browser.  The procedure to use your News Reader is analogous but a bit shorter.   If you do not wish to use the advanced features of FeedBurner, you can use your Browser Toolbar Orange Icon to register the newsfeed directly and ignore the following section.

CCS Newsfeed Subscription

  1. Browse to the CCS Retail website page you want to monitor with an RSS feed.
  2. Find the orange RSS subscribe to FeedBurner Icon on the page.  This is usually at the top right on the page.
  3. Click the Icon to start the feed subscription process.
  4. For CCS Retail compatibility with FeedBurner, next select the View Feed XML option at the bottom of the "Subscribe Now box" on the top right.  DO NOT click the article links yet.  FeedBurner does not recognize them yet.
  5. The page now shown has active links in a digest format that permit viewing the articles   To add this feed to your browser, click the Subscribe to this feed link near the top of the page.  
  6. A pop-up window appears that allows accepting the subscription.
  7. To configure the feed link further right click it in your left column feed list and use the properties link. 


If you need further help contact our support group.

If there are other pages you would like added to FeedBurner conact us here.