Are You Connecting with Your Customers?

Customer Loyalty Programs and email marketing are just a fact of life any more.   I remember when loyalty programs 1st came out at the groceries stores and they wanted your phone number and email.  Everyone thought this was so intrusive!   Today we don’t think anything of it.   I’m signed up for loyalty programs at every store I shop at.  I even have a separate key chain in my purse that just has store cards on it.  And I have a 2nd email that I give out for these programs.  That way I can read them as I have time and not have them clogging up my business or personal email.  More about email marketing in my next blog.
I’m also a bargain shopper.   An example is that I shop at 3 major drug stores in our area.   One accumulates points and gives you discounts based on your total points from the previous year.  I’m at their highest level and get a 20% discount on items not on sale.   So if I need something and none of the 3 stores has it on sale, I go to that store to get my 20%.   And of course I buy more than I planned!
So loyalty programs work and keep customers coming back. Counterpoint has a number of different ways within the system to setup different programs.   You could do a Senior Discount program by just setting up a customer type.   One of CCS’s customer does just that.   They give 10% discount to seniors every day of the week and then they have Senior Tuesdays where the discount is 20%.  Guess which day of the week they have their highest sales?   And they have loyal customers that keep coming back.   So depending on what you sell and where you’re located, a simple program like this can drive sales your way.
There is also a Loyalty Program built into Counterpoint that allows customers to accumulate points on purchases (you define which products or categories) and then those points can be redeemed for future purchases or special incentives.  These points can be redeemed at Point of Sales, just like any other form of payment.
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Next Week – email marketing.

Happy 1st Day of Spring!