Preparing To Update Counterpoint

Preparing To Update Counterpoint

Depending on your current version of NCR Counterpoint, updating to the latest version may require updating the history tables as part of the update. Depending on how much history you have kept over the years, this process can take a while to complete. It also starts from the oldest and works its way to the newest so some history may not be there as a result until the process finishes. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few days or even weeks.

To prepare for this, it is recommended to purge your ticket history to only keep 3 years or so on file. I would recommend talking to your accountant as to how much they recommended you keep.

For example, I recently updated a customer with about 10 years of history. It took approximately 3 days for all the history to be updated. The time it takes also depends on other factors like Internet bandwidth, speed of the servers, as well as how “clean” the data is.

If you are planning to update your software soon, please look into purging your ticket history to help the process run a little quicker.


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