Advances in Automated Delivery Services.

Advances in Automated Delivery Services.

While plans for using automated drones to deliver packages have been around for quite some time, what is not commonly known is that that are actually other similar types of delivery services already in operation throughout the world.

A recent example of this involves smaller automated delivery services such as the experimental Amazon Prime “Scout” delivery service which has been undergoing testing in the small town of Snohomish, WA

Link to a recent article:

Eventually, these types of services will likely expand into all areas of retailing:

As examples:

  • You could be online ordering groceries from a local grocery store and have the items delivered at your convenience.
  • You are physically at the grocery store and realize that have you have to run other errands and don’t want your food items to spoil in your hot car. – You could have all or a portion of the purchases delivered later via automated delivery on your terms.
  • Hot and cold meal deliveries – Things such as takeout meals, luxury restaurant meals and perishable items like ice cream could be delivered via heated or refrigerated drones.
  • Potentially, this could eventually involve larger delivery vehicles delivering items such as garden soil, lumber for your new deck, or bricks for your new patio.

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