How To Get Support Help Faster

Placeholder ImageI often find voice mails first thing in the morning from customers who are having a problem. Sometimes the problem is enormous, sometimes it is trivial, but always of concern to the person having the problem. We understand that, and want to help you as quickly and efficiently as is humanly possible.
Sometimes, however, the voice mail message doesn’t give us the information that we need to have. Here are four factors that hamper a quick response:
The person is speaking too rapidly for the listener to decipher what is being said. Sometimes this happens merely because the person is frustrated with the issue at hand.
  • Little (or no) information is given about the nature of the problem. Is it a log-in problem, a printer problem, a scanner problem, a credit card processing problem, an email problem, a system crash? A brief description of the issue helps to speed your request to the appropriate tech.
  • No call-back number is given. Yes, the tech might have your number, but are you calling from home, the office, your cell phone? Always leave the number where we can reach you or the person you want us to contact.
  • For customers with multiple sites, no information is given as to which location is having the problem or if it is all sites. Knowing this gives us insight as to what the issue might be.
So there it is—speak slowly, leave a brief description of the problem, be sure to leave a phone number, and identify which site or sites are involved. This information will help us help you!