Data Mining Passport

Data Mining Passport

There are some options related to how data can be mined from Passport. However, specifically  what you can  or cannot do is dependent on what flavor of Passport you have and what tools you have.

Passport currently has (2) two supported versions as:

Passport "Vision" – This is the standard classic version that most longtime Passport users are familiar with.   The underlying data structure involves various ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method) data files. 

The standard file structure only allows for pre-programmed and custom programmed interfaces to the data. While Passport does have some standard export utilities, these tools only allow for exporting of data  to Fixed ASCII file formats, meaning that the data exported will have limited use and flexibility without further value added data manipulation.  There is an additional tool available called Data Extend that adds a  ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) link between  the Passport COBOL programs and other third party tools and software.    This product is available as a both a single user and  multi-user network version.

Passport SQL – While this version has a similar front-end look to that of the Vision product, the underlying database uses the MS SQL software.  Because the database is in a SQL format, it can be accessed by any application that can use an ODBC link to the data.

Examples of some common tools that can use ODBC are:

  • MS Excel using MS Query
  • MS Access
  • Crystal Report Writer

If you would like more information on either the Passport SQL software version, and/or the Data Extend product, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department.  For support contact CCS at

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