NCR Retail Online V1.7 Release

NCR Retail Online V1.7 Release

NCR Retail Online V1.7 was released on July 15, 2014

Notable features in this release include:

  • NRO can now send NCR Secure Pay transaction IDs to NCR Counterpoint, so payments can be processed through NCR Counterpoint instead of through NRO.
  • Merchants can now process their online orders completely within NCR Counterpoint  -This option requires that your NCR Counterpoint or higher. With prior Counterpoint versions, payment capture will continue to occur within NRO.The ability to enter  promo code during checkout.
  • New color swatches on thumbnail pages (Category Listing, Search Results, etc.) Clicking on the swatch swaps the product image, so shoppers can easily see  color-specific images while browsing.
  • Access to upload history logs in the NRO Admin Panel.
  • Drag-and-drop ordering of categories in the NRO Admin Panel.
  • Improved online display of non-ecommerce items added to NRO orders after import to NCR Counterpoint.

If you would like more information on updating your NCR Counterpoint software, and setting-up your Online Retail Store, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department.

– John

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