Game Over Zeus Redux

Game Over Zeus Redux

The Game Over Zeus malware has re-emerged a month after authorities broke up a hacker network using the scheme.

Security firms have identified a new Trojan based on the Game Over Zeus malware,  which was responsible for the theft of over $100 Million dollars, and that infected up to one  million computers internationally.

This seems to indicate that  criminals responsible for Game Over’s distribution do not intend to give up on this both using and administering this botnet.  By infecting large numbers of computers , the cyber criminals were able to control  the systems, steal passwords, and send out emails  further spreading the infection.

The word is that the new variant may be harder to combat, because it is using evasive techniques that allows the botnet to hide its distributive phishing sites by constantly shuffling a list of infected proxy computers.

The FBI has blamed the Game Over Zeus botnet for the theft of more than $100 million, obtained by using the stolen bank data and then “emptying the victims’ bank accounts and diverting the money to themselves.

Russian national, Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, an alleged administrator of the botnet,  was charged in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with 14 criminal counts including conspiracy, computer  hacking, bank fraud, and money laundering related to both the Game Over Zeus Trojan, and Cryptoblocker  ransom-ware scheme.

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