New Customer Connect Feature Introduced.

New Feature For Customer Connect
Do you use NCR Customer Connect?  A new feature has recently been added that will now alert your POS cashier that an email address is no longer valid and allow for updating the customers records with a valid email.
This option can be turned on within the Customer Connect manager.  It works by adding an “Auto Note” pop-up to the customers record so that when the customer is chosen for the transaction, the note will pop up alerting the cashier. It will not prevent the user from completing the transaction whether or not a change is made, it is just a “Customer Note” automatically created by the Customer Connect Application
Note that the Auto Note will need to be manually cleared/deleted from the customer record after the change has been made (or not if the customer wishes to opt-out) or it will pop up again the next time the customer number is used for a transaction.
For more information about the other great features of Customer Connect, or the excellent apps integrated with NCR CounterPoint, contact our Sale Department at 800.672.4806 or email us.

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