Planning Your Hardware Upgrade

Updating Hardware/OS? 

Recently, a customer called and wants to replace their PC’s.  Went out and purchased new PC’s preloaded with Windows 7.  No problem you say?  Well take another guess.  Most new PC’s are no longer supporting Windows XP.  So what, you say, why can’t you use Windows 7? Windows 7 is a great OS, but does your important software and hardware work with it? 

The problem lies with certain software that are aware of the OS, and no matter what you to try to make it work, it just won’t.  Try "Compatibility Mode", did it, still not working.  Try XP Mode?  Sure, but XP Mode will may slow things down to an unacceptable speed.  I have experienced it before, and although I have tried to explain this, the customer still wants to give a try and is very disappointed in the results. 

The moral of the story is, don’t wait until you current hardware is about to die before replacing PC’s.  Be aware and plan for other software/hardware upgrades when you do decide to replace PC’s.  Most of the older hardware/software that worked great with Windows XP just will not work no matter what.  Trying to downgrade your new PC to run Windows XP is a hit or miss.  Meaning that its possible you will not find drivers for the network card or some of the other on-board devices the Windows needs to run optimally.  Some driver CD’s that come with the mother will not even run. 

Be prepared when you decide to update your hardware.  It will save both time,money and frustration in long run. 

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