Security Updates for Windows XP

Security Updates for Windows XP

Microsoft reminded customers who are still running Windows XP that they will not receive  security updates with  today’s 05/13/2014 "Patch Tuesday" software event.

Despite Microsoft’s deviating from it’s previously stated policy  of not providing security updates  for XP,  a patch for a vulnerability in Internet Explorer was recently done for Windows XP PCs, even though  the software was technically DOA.  There are rumors that this was done primarily to deflect possible  criticism about the security vulnerability being discovered so soon after XP support was discontinued.

While Microsoft is aggressively trying to get customers to migrate to Windows 8.1, there are some glaring  issues that were never properly addressed, such as:

  • Many current  PC users dislike the Metro UI so much that they are purchasing new computers with  Windows 8.1 and getting downgrade license for Window 7.
  • Many software developers have been holding off on developing applications for Windows 8.X  certifications until Windows version 9 comes out, which is supposedly going to look and feel more like Windows 7.  For this reason there are still many commonly used programs that are not certified for use with Windows 8.X.
  • No clear upgrade process was developed for Windows XP users to easily migrate their data and programs to Windows 8.1  This means that doing so,  requires a higher level of expertise, and assistance from  trained professionals.
  • Business and  government proliferation of  Windows XP installations is still very big.  Recent estimates are  that as much as 60 percent of the banking ATM’s in the U.S.  are still running Windows XP, and that  close to 30 percent of  businesses are still running the operating system.

If you would like to find out if your current application software programs are compatible with Windows 8.1, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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