How Do You Train Your Employees?

How Do You Train Your Employees? 

Recently, CCS helped a customer switch from another POS platform over to NCR Counterpoint (CPSQL).  As usual, we had them come in for some formal training.  Not every employee was there, but the owner, and managers were, and learned quite a bit. 

On the actual cut over day, I went on site and helped get things ready for going live the next day.  In this case the store was closed, I know that is not always possible but it was very helpful for what went on next. 

After getting everything configured and setup we setup a practice company that was an exact duplicate of the "live"company, the owner had all employees come in that day.  He had a chart of who was doing what and when.  They had 4 registers and about 12-15 employees ready to learn.  He assigned 4 of his employees to be on the registers, the rest were shoppers.  They had fake cash which was dealt out to the "shoppers" and we had set the practice company to simulate credit and debit transactions.  This was as close to being live as could be possible. 

They then had the "shoppers" shop.  Just like real customers, they filled their baskets with anywhere from 1 to 25 items, they did returns, pay-ins, pay-outs, exact cash, transactions with change, multiple tenders… they simulated what they see their normal customers do. 

It also helped to see where changes needed to be made to help their procedures flow smoothly and helped in finding where procedures may needed to be changed slightly.  After about 15 minutes or so, 4 different employees got to use the registers and they repeated the process until everyone got a chance to use the registers and shop.  The owner even ordered pizza for everyone and made it a sort of "training party". 

In all the years I have been setting up POS systems and helping users use their system to the fullest, I have yet to see someone train their users this way.  Overall, everyone had fun, learned how the new system worked and as a result "Go Live" day had very few issues with users not knowing what to do. 

If you need a refresher course, or just want some one on one training call or email CCS Retail Systems for information on when our next training sessions are.


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