Windows 8.2 – The Next Update

Windows 8.2 Update

Excerpted from FoxNews

Although the update to Windows 8, now known as Windows 8.1 did bring back the Start Button, and as mentioned it did not bring back the traditional Start Button that shows all your installed apps in an organized little window in the bottom left corner of your screen.  The new Start Button did bring you to a whole new page with all apps organized in a tile like interface.

The next update to Windows 8, rumored to be called Windows 8.2 is supposed to change that, once again.
As reported by FoxNews

"Microsoft will reportedly bring back its dearly departed Start menu to Windows 8.2, a change that will come as welcome news for many desktop users who feel isolated by some of the changes the company has made to its signature operating system.

And now Paul Thurrott at Windows IT Pro has written in greater detail about how Microsoft’s vision for Windows 8.2 is all about making desktop fans happy again… and it goes way beyond bringing back the Start menu."

Paul Thurrott thinks that Microsofts new Windows OS team has finally dropped the ‘my way or the highway’ attitude that caused the stir up with Windows 8.

Many people like the stability and speed that Windows 8 brought to the table (or Tablet/Desktop), but what people did not like, was how Microsoft did not take into account all the Desktop users that still use a keyboard and mouse to interact with their PC and how it would affect traditional PC users.  As you know, the new UI called Metro, uses a Tile based approach which is great for Touchscreen devices, but leaves a bad taste for many desktop users.

Besides possibly bringing back the traditional Start Button that we all know and love, Windows 8.2 should take that a step further.  Just how far we will have to wait and see.

While the changes might not be coming as quickly as some would like — Thurrott thinks we won’t see Windows 8.2 until well into 2014 — Metro haters can take solace that the company is listening to their concerns.

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