Bundling up for Winter

Kits Can Bring in Extra Sales

Have you ever thought about a product that you offer in your store that would pair beautifully with another product or two that would make an interesting gift? Perhaps it could be a “how to” kit that puts together tools to create a knitted hat, scarf and mittens, with instructions for solving problems along the way.

Maybe a kit could combine wine glasses, a corkscrew and a bottle of vintage wine. Or perhaps, for a coffee lover, a coffee brewer coupled with several small packages of various flavored coffees. A bundled set of games could be grouped for a “word enthusiast” or a bundle of golf accessories for a golfer. The prospects are enormous!

Bundling items in your store makes shopping easier for your customers and increases your average sales in the process. What better time is there for this convenience than during the holiday season?

NCR’s Counterpoint POS System can help you create miscellaneous kits that will allow you to associate any number of “component” items with a single, miscellaneous “parent” item. You will be able to determine the quantity of each component in a kit, as well as the color/size/pattern for each gridded component.

You can even specify whether users can substitute items for each component, which items are eligible substitutes, and whether the price of the kit will be adjusted to account for the price differences between the original component and the substitute component.

In addition, NCR’s Counterpoint allows you to create tag-along bundles which associate one or more tag-along items with a single parent item, like an extended warranty for an electrical device. You can even define a prompt message for a tag-along component.

If you would like to hear more about Counterpoint’s bundling feature, we’re here to answer your questions at 800/425-672-4806 or you can email us. Now is the time to prepare for your holiday sales success!

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