Recalculating inventory

Recalculating inventory

NCR Counterpoint, both SQL version and Version 7, are very good at properly tracking inventory.  However, there may be times where the quantity information is not quite accurate.  These are generally due to operations anomalies not software limitations, the most common of which is having a machine freeze up during entry or posting.

When this occurs, such fields as the quantity-committed, quantity-on-purchase-order, etc., may not be accurate.  These fields may be updated, then the remote system freezes and has to be rebooted before the ticket, purchase order, or whatever was being processed is finished.  Since the process never finished, these quantities are then out of sync.

There is a utility in NCR Counterpoint to recalculate these quantities.  There are a few restrictions, however, in using them.  In general, all inventory related transactions must be posted in Version 7.  CPSQL will take unposted transactions into account, so that is not a restriction.  Version 7 will not allow you to proceed unless all transactions are posted.

There is one important consideration with CPSQL, if you are using multi-site, the timing of running the recalculation.  Inventory recalculation in a multi-site environment can only be run at the first-site.  It needs to be done when all sites have replicated, and nothing is being processed.  If it is run while a site is processing, then the information that is replicated to the first-site, may not be fully in sync. 

For example, the item tables replicate before the open ticket tables.  So, if the item tables replicate, then a ticket is entered before the open ticket tables replicate, the first-site will have the open ticket.  However, the item tables will not have the quantity committed updated at the first-site yet.  It will get those quantities during the next replication cycle.

When using CPSQL and multi-site, the best time to do the inventory recalculation is first thing in the morning, before anyone does any work.  That is assuming that all sites successfully replicated overnight.

For help with Inventory Recalculation and Synchronization contact CCS Retail Systems Support.  We are there to help you.


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