Archiving reports in Counterpoint Version-7

Managing Reports Printed to Disk 

In NCR Counterpoint Version 7, there is an option to print reports to the disk.  This can be very useful, and in fact I highly recommend it for all of your posting operations.  That way, if the printer jams, you do not lose your posting reports.

However, there is a limit on the total number of reports that can be printed to disk.  Because of the indexing setup used in the file that tracks spooled reports, that limit is at approximately 64,000 reports.  While that sounds like a lot, over a few years it is not hard to reach that limit.  I have seen it reached in under a year, on highly active systems.

When the spooled reports start getting full, it is necessary to remove many of them.  This can be somewhat involved, depending on what reports should be kept, and what ones can be removed.  It is something that is best left to your support people.  

When I have to do this for a customer, I move the reports, instead of deleting them, so that if something is needed down the road, it can still be printed.  

If you have been running NCR Counterpoint Version 7 for a while, and make use of the print-to-disk option, you should have your support people check the number of reports that have been saved.  If the number is getting up there, then it is a time to archive unneeded reports should be scheduled.


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