Is there a difference between Malware and a Virus

Is there a difference between Malware and a Virus other than Semantic

Malware is an all-inclusive term, intended to include any software or functions normally associated with spyware, adware, viruses, foistware etc. Although some specific files may be designated as a "virus" nowadays, the malware coders take advantage of any methods they can to succeed in infecting and misusing the systems of their victims. 

A more insidious malware, the trojan downloader virus, can be used to load a host of other viruses.  It tricks the user into allowing it access, it then delivers/installs other active malware components. Included in these can be files with a "virus" capable of self-replication.  This self-replication capability could be considered one way to distinguish between a virus and a more general malware software.

Although there really is little difference between them, there are files that are called a virus where others are called malware.  It may simply depend on who you ask.

Perhaps considering malware to include everything other than viruses is a god way to view this.  It is most consistent with the way the software used to defeat the hackers is normally packaged and sold.

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