Passport 12.02 and 12.03 updates.

Passport 12.02 and 12.03 updates.

Passport 12.02

Passport 12.02 now has Payroll updates that suppport the latest changes in Medicare and support  the use of Roth 401K Contributions.  If you have any employees that will earn over $200,000 in this  calendar this year, the employee medicare amounts will not calculate properly without this update installed. If you are running an older software version, it is imperative that you upgrade before any employee hits this limit.

Passport 12.03

When released, Passport version 12.03,  comes with a new runtime from  Micro Focus  that  supports Windows 8, Win 2012 server and MSSQL 2012.  Currently, this is planned to be  released sometime towards the end of October, 2013.  Software versions prior to 12.03 are not compatible with the Windows 8 operating system.

Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department to schedule a time to upgrade your  Passport software.

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