Cybercrime Continues to Rise at Alarming Rate

Is Your Business Protected?

In an article for Fox Business titled Hackers Tweak Tactics to Maximize Profits, Send Android Malware Soaring, Jennifer Booton reports on a recent second quarter threat report released by the security research arm of Intel’s MacAfee.  According to this report, Android devices have become one of the prime targets for hackers looking to maximize their profits by infiltrating systems.

In the second quarter of this year, malware on Google’s Android grew an alarming 35%, mobile ransomware samples increased, and spam continued to accelerate to more than 5.5 trillion spam messages sent—about 70% of total global email volume. 

SMS-stealing banking malware, fraudulent dating and entertainment apps, legitimate apps laced with malicious weaponry, and apps posing as useful tools were primary targets used by cyber thieves. 

In addition to mobile threats, a 16% increase in suspicious URLs, and a 50% increase in digitally-signed malware samples were revealed by the report. 

What this means for businesses as well as individual users is that diligence is imperative in keeping security software updated. Additionally, educating employees to use care when clicking onto any app or website—realizing that it could be “booby-trapped”–is important. 

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