How NCR CounterPoint Can Help You Go/Stay Green

Going The Green Way

Email instead of Printing   – With a little configuration CounterPoint has the built-in ability to email receipts. By using this feature, you will find that not only are you buying less receipt paper but your customers love getting their receipts via email where it is filed automatically.

Preview instead of Printing – Anywhere you can print in NCR CounterPoint (CPSQL), you also have the ability to preview.Again, using this feature will save on toner and paper.  The preview of your report can be saved in PDF format and emailed to your vendors, or a report can be shared with a colleague.  NCR Counterpoint has many view screens built-in to allow you to see the data on screen that you might normally view on paper.

Use Less Power – If you have been thinking about adding a new register or having a sidewalk sale, rather than purchasing a new terminal, consider using NCR Counterpoint Mobile instead.  NCR Counterpoint Mobile runs off your IPhone, Ipad or IPod and uses far less power than a traditional terminal while still allowing you to ring sales.

Recycle Gift Cards and Employee Cards – If you are using the Gift Card feature built into NCR Counterpoint, you have the ability to reuse the physical plastic card. When a customer spends their gift card, simply ask them if you can recycle it.After a reasonable amount of time (around 30 days), you can “purge” or “delete” that gift card number from the system, and re-use the card.

Use Green Marketing – By using an email marketing system, like NCR Counterpoint’s Customer Connect, your marketing becomes very eco-friendly. Again, you’re using electronic forms instead of paper mailings reduces consumption. Of course, you’re going to save money on postage as well.  An added bonus with NCR Customer Connect is the ability to segment your customers based on data from your NCR Counterpoint system.

Text versus reports – NCR Counterpoint’s Smart Alert tool will replace many printed reports by sending you text or email messages. Most retailers print some kind of flash sales report daily, so why not have that data sent in text or email? Or, instead of printing security reports, receive a text or email telling you that an excessive number of tickets were voided and act immediately when a potentially fraudulent situation occurs.  There are many other options available with Smart Alerts.Another such option is alerting you if a register is not open at a certain time, or if your End Of Day or Credit Card Settlements have been processed.

There are many other ways that NCR Counterpoint can help you go or stay green.  If you would like more information, call the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department at 800.672.4806 or email us!


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