New PC’s with Older Network Infrastructure

New PC does NOT connect to the LAN

Over the past few month, i have replaced some older PC’s with newer more powerful one’s.  I have noticed that some of these new PC’s have network problems after connecting them to the network.  The cause seems to be older network infrastructure.  

Newer PC’s come with Gigabit network cards, most older network equipment such as "Hubs" (as opposed to switches) seem to have a problem with these faster network cards.

The symptoms vary.  At first, browsing the network and connecting to shared resources seem fine, but trying to access or surf the web seems to be where the problem is.  The PC looks as if it will show the page, but nothing ever comes up.  I’ve recently seen a newer PC cause slowness for other PC’s trying to browse the Internet.

The solution is quite simple, and depending on your network, can be reasonably cheap.  Replacing the older "Hubs" with "switches" have worked every time so far.  We can provide these for you and make sure you get the correct products at the best prices.

Although the 2 devices (hub and switch) do the same thing, they are different in a few ways.  Switches cause less traffic on the network, plus it can handle the flow of data from Gigabit equipped PC’s.

A temporary workaround can be to slow down the new PC’s network card (yes!!, there are ways to do this). This has worked for me on several occasions until a switch can be put in place of an older hub.

Keep this in mind when planning to replace an older PC with a more powerful newer one.  You may want to check with you IT department to see if the infrastructure can handle it.

If you need replacement equipment or have any system or infrastructure questions or other concerns, call the CCS Retail Support Department at 800.672.4806 or email us.


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