NCR Counterpoint 8.4 – Options for updating item prices

NCR Counterpoint 8.4 – Options for updating item prices

While most users are aware that you can change item prices at any time, many may not be aware that you can change ranges of items by using some of the following options.

Items – Using the Column View, with specific filtering, you can narrow-down the selection criteria an quickly change a number of items from one screen

Item Price Sheets –  You can select ranges of items adding them to an editable list. Additional items can then be manually added to the list.  When ready, these changes can be finalized.  Labels can also be printed from Tag entries can also be

Data Interchange – This can be used to import price changes from vendor supplied text files  or files created from spreadsheets.

Custom SQL Script – A custom SQL script can be created that when executed updates prices  via very specific custom criteria.  This could involve very complicated mathematical calculation operations be run against any  required tables in the database.

MS SQL Store Procedure – A previously configured MS SQL Stored Procedure could be used to create specific price changes.

Purchasing/Receiving’s/Enter – Price updates can be entered using the Margin Driven Pricing feature.  When the receiver is posted, the item Price-1 is automatically updated.

For more details and/or assistance with using these tools, please contact CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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