Cyber Criminals Are Not After Just The Credit Card Data

Cyber Criminals Are Not After Just The Credit Card Data

Despite all of the news reports that you hear about Credit Card security breaches, Cyber Criminals are often after much more than than just Credit Card Data.

Here are just a few of the lesser reported types of data thefts that occur and the some of the frequent uses for the stolen data:

  • Emails – Used to SPAM people with various scam emails including Spear-Phishing attacks.
  • Phone Numbers – Used to cold call people in an attempt to scam of extort money or additional sensitive information that is later used to commit identity theft.
  • Customers – Business Taxpayer ID’s – Often used to open fraudulent bank accounts, and business accounts with wholesalers and other merchants.  This might also include other associated personal data that is used to commit identity theft such as Birth dates, family members names, etc.
  • Fax Numbers – Used to fax Travel/Vacation, Stock/Investment, Scam offers to potential targets.
  • Address Details – Primary and secondary addresses used to produce targeted scam mailings, or often sold to third party marketing companies. Theft of compromised data is often followed by large volumes of junk mail.
  • Vendors – Vendor 1099 Information – Used to file false Vendor 1099 Refund claims with the IRS.
  • Payroll – Social Security Numbers – Used to commit identity fraud.

The good news is that there are ways outside of just network and operating system security that can be used to protect your data.  If you need assistance with this, please contact the CCS Retail Systems support Department.

– John

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