Emailing Reciepts, PO’s, Reports

NCR CounterPoint (CPSQL) has the ability to send receipts, PO’s, Reports, and just about anything that can be printed.
CPMobile, NCR CounterPoint’s mobile solution can also send receipts via email right from your device.  This is not an out-
of-the-box configuration and some setup is required.

First you will need to know your email server IP or host name.  You will also need to know what port (default is 25) and if
your server uses a secure SSL connection.  You will also need a username and password of a valid account on the email
server.  I usually recommend a separate account used just for the purpose of sending information from CounterPoint.

Another good idea would be to setup a Gmail or account for this purpose, you may also want to include a “Do
Not Reply” or “this account is unmonitored” so you don’t get a bunch of reply emails, although this could also be used for
feedback if you choose.

If you are using your own or hosted email server, be sure to allow your CounterPoint Server to “Relay” from your email server.  This
seems to be the most common issue when setting up emailing receipts and other information from NCR CounterPoint.

If you would like help setting up your system to send email receipts or PO’s, have the information I mentioned above on
hand of have your IT person give CCS a call to help with the setup.


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