SNUPI In Your Walls

SNUPI In Your Walls

A group of University or Washington researchers and entrepreneurs has started a company called SNUPI (Sensor Network Utilizing Power line Infrastructure) Technologies, using funding from the Madrona Venture Group, Radar Partners, and some of the company founders.

SNUPI was developed at the University of Washington and Georgia Institute of Technology by professors Shwetak Patel and Matt Reynolds, and associated team members.

The technology uses an ultra low powered battery operated modular wireless sensor that uses the existing power lines within building walls to send and receive data.  The current design can actually go decades before the battery needs to be changed.

Initially, the sensor will be used to detect environmental hazards, such as Radon, Mold and Carbon Monoxide, or be used to monitor motion or humidity levels. This new device has the potential to revolutionize the use of wireless devices without having to use or maintain bulky and obtrusive wireless access points. In the case of new construction, these devices could be pre-placed in walls at specific intervals, essentially turning the entire  building into one big wireless access point.  For older construction,
they could be simply stuck on the wall where and when needed.

Some potential future uses for Distributors and Retailers could extend to…

  • Inventory Receiving’s – being able to receive products into your warehouse or any loading bay without requiring costly pre-positioned equipment.

  • Anywhere Registers – Allowing you the flexibility of moving your physical POS equipment anywhere in your store without having to re-cable or rewire devices.

If you are interested in receiving future emails on this type of technology, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department.

– John

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