Boost Your Holiday Sales In These Last 10 Days

Here are 10 suggestions to boost your sales during these last days before Christmas. 

Add on to every sale

Pick one or two items with high margins and wide appeal. Then get everyone on your staff to ask every single customer if they would like one. This simple idea has been known to generate thousands of dollars in sales.


Load up on impulse items

Display these items all over the store. Think stocking stuffers.


Sell up

‘Tis the season to be generous, so always show your better quality merchandise.


Keep demonstrating

“Show, show, show until they say no”. (I saw this in action in a gift shop at a resort this past summer. You would be surprised how a pretty innocuous item became a “must have” for many of the shoppers).


Make the shopping experience easier

Use as many signs as possible. Good signage is like having an extra salesperson on the floor.


Make the Holiday easier

Offer gift wrapping. The easier it is for them, the more they will buy.


Get out on the selling floor

Now is the time to be involved first hand, and it can’t be done from the quiet of your office.


Keep an eye on your best sellers

Running out of your most popular items not only costs you sales – it’s poor customer service.


Increase your store hours

Opening an hour earlier or staying open an hour longer gets the “early birds” who want to start before the rush and the “rushing in after work” crowd that can be looking to buy no matter what the price.


Mark down slow moving holiday merchandise NOW

It’s much easier – and more profitable – to sell slow movers at 25% off in December, than at 50% off in January.


Talk to you soon.  ~ Norma

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