Extending Sales Beyond the Holidays

How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Holiday sales is the topic of the day for most retailers at this time of the year, but it’s important to remember that encouraging holiday shoppers to return again and again after the holidays are over is the way to keep those profits coming in. American Express Merchant Services Member Insider Newsletter offers two suggestions for making this happen: Loyalty Programs and superior customer service.

By making your customers feel sincerely valued, even during stressful holiday shopping times, you are helping to create loyalty to your store and your brand. By exceeding customer service expectations and providing exclusive benefits to thank loyal patrons, your customers will have you foremost in their minds when they next need a product that you offer.

Do you know who your loyal customers are? CounterPoint’s CustomerConnect will help you track who buys, when they buy, and what they buy so you can offer those special benefits to all customers and especially to those most likely to return and buy frequently.

If you would like more information about CustomerConnect, setting up a Loyalty Program, or reaching a broader customer base through CPMobile, call us now for details.   We’re available at 425-672-4806 or email us today.

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