Scheduling Posting Tasks In CPSQL

CPSQL Scheduled Task

Did you know you can automate Posting Tickets and Settle Credit Cards (among other things) in CPSQL?  If not, there is a utility that will allow you to do this.  It uses the built-in Windows task scheduler but with an easier interface.  The utility will allow you to pick a time, user, what store and work-group to use and few other settings.  

A specific user should be setup just for the purpose of posting.  There are some other criteria that this user will need to remain PCI compliant, which can be found in the documentation.

The one thing to be careful of is the password set for this "EOD" or End Of Day user.  The system requires a password for all users that are at least 7-10 characters long, and require at least one number and one letter and be changed every 90 days.  

Where you have to be careful is the the length of the password.

A current customer of CCS was recently prompted to change their EOD user password which she did.  The password was 12 characters long, and when tested, allowed the EOD user to log into the software.  Where the issue came into play was when the scheduled task were run. 

In the background, the task uses a sort of script to run, taking the setting that where filled out during the setup of the task.  The system is looking for a 7-10 character password, anything longer will result in an "invalid login" error for the scheduled task because, in the case of the customer, the password was 12 characters long and failed to log in to do the posting required.  The fix was easy enough, but at the same time frustrating because it did not make sense.

So if you decide to setup automated posting, be sure to keep the password for your EOD user to between 7-10 characters long.

If you would like help setting up automated processing, call the CCS Retail Systems Support Department at 800.672.4806 or email us.


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