NCR Counterpoint – Margin Driven Pricing

NCR Counterpoint – Margin Driven Pricing

One good reason for upgrading NCR Counterpoint is to take advantage of the Margin Driven Pricing feature.

Margin Driving Pricing allows for all of the following:

  • Defining default margins by Category or Sub-Category.
  • Authorizing users to set margins.
  • Viewing margins for "Price-1" values in Items, Purchasing and Receiving Functions.

If a user is you are authorized to view or edit cost values, whenever you enter a  Price-1 value for an item, the margin button indicates whether the price you’ve entered is above the applicable Target margin, below the Minimum margin, or somewhere in between.

You can click the margin button to display the Set Price dialog, which allows you to set an item’s price by specifying a New Price-1 or a New Margin for the item.

This dialog displays the Minimum, Target, and Current margin values that are in effect for the item, along with item’s Category/Sub-category, last Cost, and Current Price-1 value.

The Price-1 before rounding field indicates the minimum price that would meet the item’s Target margin.

The color of the Current and New Margin fields indicates whether those margins are above the Target (green),  below the Minimum (red), or in between (yellow). You can change these Margin indicator colors on the Pricing tab of the Inventory Control window.

Entering a new price or margin.

The Price-1 value for the item can be changed by simply enter a New Price-1 or a New Margin.

By default, the New Price-1 field displays the minimum price that meets the Target margin with the current Rounding value applied, while the New Margin field displays the calculated margin for that price.

When you enter a New Price-1 value, CounterPoint automatically updates the New Margin field to indicate the profit margin for the price you specified. Similarly, when you enter a New Margin value, CounterPoint calculates the New Price-1 for the item, based on the item’s Cost.

Moving the mouse pointer over the New Price-1 and New Margin fields allows you to see the formulas that CounterPoint uses to calculate these values.

This same functionality can be used during the Purchasing/Receiving’s function. When the receiver is posted, the Item Price-1 will be automatically updated.

Using the rounding value

Instead of entering a New-Price 1 or New Margin directly, you can enter a Rounding value and click the Calculate Price button to set the New Price-1 for the item.

When you do this, CounterPoint applies the Rounding value to the Price-1 before rounding value to determine the New Price-1. This method allows you to ensure that all of your Price-1 values end in specific digits (e.g., .49, .99, 9.99, and so forth).

The Rounding value is not used when you enter a New Price-1 or New Margin directly.

When you specify a Rounding value, entering an asterisk (*) for digits that you don’t want rounded (e.g., *.99 or *.*9) or leave those digits blank.

Please contact CCS Retail Systems Support for assistance with setting the above features.

– John

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