CP SQL 8.4.5 – Drop-ships for Orders

CP SQL 8.4.5 – Drop-ships for Orders

This new release of CP SQL supports the use of drop ships.  Some of the supported features are:

  • Allows drop-ship orders to be entered while in offline mode.
  • Allows for a separate Drop-ship G/L clearing account (by Location, Item Category, or Item Sub-Category).
  • Drop-ships can be allowed for a specific store.
  • Drop-ships can be set as the default type of order for a POS Station.
  • Drop-ships can be restricted or allowed based POS Security Group and System Security Group settings.
  • As Drop-ships are completed, all of them are dumped into a user defined specific purchasing transaction batch, this is for easier editing and posting

Editing of Drop-ships is allowed – Here are some your options:

  • Drop-ship lines can be deleted from a POS Order, when this is done, they are automatically removed from the corresponding purchase request. When this occurs, if there are no remaining lines on the purchase request, it is deleted.
  • Shipping information can be edited – when this is done, the Purchase Request shipping information is automatically updated.
  • A Drop-ship can be canceled.
  • A Drop-ship can be reinstated provided that the corresponding cancellation ticket hasn’t been posted.

Drop-ship Receivers – A receiving transaction can be entered to confirm that a Drop-Ship has been received by the customer.  When the Drop-Ship Receiver is posted, the Inventory item "Qty On drop-ship PO" is decreased.  If there is a variance between the purchase and received cost, when the Voucher Receivings is done, a cost correction distribution value is automatically posted to your Invoice Variance account.   

Additionally, CP SQL automatically creates a POS Drop-Ship release ticket.  When the release ticket is posted, the Drop-ship process is complete.

Based on the above features, there are a number of pre-usage configurations settings that will need to be turned on.
Please contact the
CCS Support Department for assistance with this task.

– John

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