When new hardware is due

When to Upgrade your Hardware.

We all want to get the most out of our existing hardware.  Besides the price of the hardware itself, there is the time and cost of integrating the new hardware into your existing systems.  

However, there comes a time when it pays to upgrade.  At some point, you will be spending more on keeping your existing systems going as they are, than you would on upgrading or expanding to fit your needs.

For example, the customer that needs to add additional replication servers for Counterpoint SQL, to handle the number of stores that they now have.  With additional servers, they could split the load, and their data would propagate to and from the stores much more efficiently.  Instead, they balk at the cost of adding these servers, when in reality they are spending more in support time trying to deal with the data overload that they currently have.

Every installation is unique in its demands, and how it utilizes available resources.  Many installations can, and do, upgrade or expand equipment very rarely, without suffering any ill effects.  Others, who place a higher demand on their systems, can benefit from more frequent changes in their hardware.  While upgrading to the latest hardware just to be on the bleeding edge is not usually a sound approach, you should periodically review your existing system and usage.  You may be surprised at how investing in some additional, or newer, hardware will actually save you money in the long run.

Contact CCS Retail to get help with assessing needs for changes in your systems to keep your support costs under control.

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