Respond Immediately!

A Strategic Thank You

If a customer has been gracious enough to sign up for your mailing list and has shared personal information with you, the least you can do is respond immediately.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple “thank you”, a welcome email or a gift certificate. Send something the same week that your customer signs up for your list. If you wait, the gesture loses all of its impact.

Here are some actions you can take to make responding immediately easy and effective:

1.      Decide what kind of media (postcards, letters, Emails) you’re going to send and have plenty on hand. Or if it’s an email, prepare a template. Make sure your employees know where to find the material or template so they don’t have to search for it.

2.      Keep the message consistent. Use a pre printed letter that can be personalized with a signature. Or create a message template that will always be printed on your letterhead or on a postcard. This is really a better solution because this way, your employees can add the customer’s name. Another benefit to using a template is that you will have control over what message your customer gets.

3.      Pick a standard time to send your follow-up responses. You could choose to have your shift closers send the messages at the end of each business day. Or you might want to do it yourself once or twice a week. What you decide to do will depend on your business. The point is to pick a time and stick to it every week. Once it becomes a habit, it will be a natural and normal part of doing business.

When you respond immediately, you are showing your customers that they are important to you. It’s a simple thing to do and will go a long way in the “customer satisfaction” department.

Talk to you soon.  ~Norma

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