Converting printed to digital information

Reading Printed Pages With OCR Software.

One of the things that we do all the time here, is to convert your existing data into your new software.

If you have data in an existing system, and want to move it to your new CP-SQL(CounterPoint SQL) system, we have done that for many customers, coming from many different previous packages.

What many people do not realize, however, is that the data does not need to be in an electronic format.  If all that you have is printed information, that can be converted also.  While it is more accurate to deal with data that is already in an electronic format, printed information can be brought in with a high degree of accuracy.

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that we use does a very good job of taking data from printed output into an electronic format.  We can then manipulate this data, and bring it into your software.

Just the other day, we had 20 pages of printed information, that needed to be applied to a CP-SQL system.  Using OCR, and then parsing the results, I was able to generate an Excel spread sheet that could be used to update the CP-SQL.  The entire process was under an hour. 

The information generated by OCR was 99 percent accurate.  Much faster, and more accurate, than typing all of the information by hand.  The data was brought in to CP-SQL, and then checked.  The few occurrences where the data needed to be changed were then dealt with manually.  We were able to get the system was up and running in a couple of hours.

If this had been done by hand, I would estimate that the time involved could have been days.

If you have printed documents that you need converted to an electronic format contact CCS Retail Systems Technical Support for assistance.

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