Lost Phone??

Smartphone Locking

I recently wrote about how 89% of the time a phone is lost the finder will violate the owners privacy in one way or another.  To protect against this invasion of privacy, it is recommended to have a lock on your phone.  Most phones have some type of locking mechanism.  It may be a pattern to be drawn on the screen, a gesture of some sort, and even a pin code that needs to be typed in before the user (or finder) even gets to a screen where anything can be done.

There are some "apps" on the market that can help you find your phone.  Recently I found an app that allows you to pop up a user defined message on the screen, or if you want can even speak a user defined message.  One of its more helpful function is to "scream" a siren on your phone to help you find it.  The "scream will work and be audible even if your phones settings are silent.

The one feature that I found that should be a must have on whatever "lost phone" app you find is a "wipe" or erase function. On one of the apps I was researching, it will allow you to wipe or reset your phone back to a factory default state, Meaning the phone will look like it was just taken out of the box. This app also had a wipe/erase function that cleared the SD card. 

An SD card is usually and extra device that can be inserted into a phone to give you more space to store music, pictures or whatever else that may not fit in the phones native storage space.  The other feature I found interesting is the app can tell you if your SIM card has been removed.  The SIM card is like your ID card for your phone.  It tells your carrier what device is doing what.

What amazed me the most was that this app is FREE, that’s right, no charge for a full featured "what if I lose my phone" app that can save you time and money by either helping you find your phone, or removing sensitive data from prying eyes.  

If you are deciding whether or not to go mobile with your business, an app similar to this would be a great benefit and piece of mind.  Even if you have a pay a couple bucks, it is well worth the cost.

Now if they only made something like this for your keys… 

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