Current Retail Trends – Continued

Retail Trends

In my last blog, four of the seven current retail trends from news contributor KC Ifeanyl were presented, citing his article titled 7 Retail Trends That Can Boost Your Business. This article appeared in Below are the three additional trends.

It will become increasingly important for the retailer to move a customer’s interest to purchase into the intent to purchase. Every possible way to make your business and products more accessible should be used. This may include having an easy-to-navigate website, adequate store parking, clear signage, easy returns, and consistency with on-line policies.

Limited time only (LTO) items and mobile device deals are expected to increase significantly as tools to create urgency for consumers to “buy now.”

Smaller retail companies will be acquired by larger, well-capitalized retail companies.   The e-commerce surge is expected to be a catalyst for these acquisitions, allowing the larger companies extension of brands outside of their core capabilities.

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