Windows 8 Security Highlights

Windows 8 Security Highlights.

Some of the new Windows Security features are:

Anti-virus software now comes pre-installed.

Windows 8 comes with an updated version of Windows Defender pre-installed.  This includes traditional anti-virus functions with spyware protection and other security features that it has offered since Windows Vista. Windows Defender has a similar look and feel to what Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus had.

Improved download screening protection

The program-monitoring portion of the Internet Explorer SmartScreen Filter is built into Windows itself, and it will work whether you’re using IE, Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser.

The first time you run a program that you downloaded from the Internet, the SmartScreen Filter checks it against a list of known safe applications, and alerts you if it’s unknown or otherwise has the potential to be malware. If the alert does pop up, you can further investigate the program (and the source where you downloaded it) before running it.

Faster and more secure startup

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) – Improves upon and replaces old  BIOS boot system PCs have been using for decades. UEFI offers better security, faster startup times.  PC’s  start-up more quickly, in as little as 8 seconds, with Windows fully loading to the desktop. The Secure Boot feature of UEFI prevents advanced malware (such as bootkits and rootkits) from causing damage, and stops other boot loading malware..

New password types

Two new password types are allowed.

(4) four Digit PIN – Similar to the pin on your Debit Card.

Picture Password – You choose a photo or image and draw three gestures using either (a combination of circles, straight lines, or taps or mouse clicks) in different places on the image as the password.

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