CP-SQL Custom reports

The Power of Custom Reporting

The reports that come with CP-SQL are very good.  However, there may be changes that you would like, so that you can better run your business.  Adding or removing columns, and changing the layout, are the two most common requests.  Maybe you need a report that is not even in the CP-SQL system.

One of the features of CP-SQL that many users can benefit from, is the easily customized report.  Because the majority of reports are based on Crystal Reports viewer, most of them can be easily modified.  New reports can be added, with the same levels of security that the standard reports have.  You can decide just who can see them, and who can not.

Customizing Reports requires the Crystal Reports Development Software and an in-depth knowledge of the database structure.  Most of the time the actual changing of the reports may be done quite quickly.  In this case it makes the most sense to have someone like CCS Retail Systems, Inc., do the work for you.  In most cases the report changes can be done with reasonable cost to you.

The benefits of Custom Reporting are principally:

  • you will get exactly the information that you want  
  • information will be in the format that you find to be the most useful

Contact CCS to get your Custom Reports Quickly and Cost-effectively.

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