Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses

Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses

Google has finally leaked some information about it’s long rumored "Project Glass" augmented reality glasses.  These glasses are designed so that there is a overlay of messaging tools, weather information, maps, and video chat capabilities in a portion of the lenses.

The prototype glasses look something like current version stylized protective eye-wear, however, the glasses have a small second screen above one of the lenses for video output above one of the lenses, combined with a thick arm (presumably containing electronics) that extends back to the ear.  The current understanding is that the glasses will respond a combination of eye movement selections, and voice commands.

Some examples of anticipated use would be:

  • Interface to your computer, to boot the system, check emails without physically touching the computer.

  • Interfacing with a smart phone, or other mobile device to place calls, or to check/send text messages. Weather information display, containing conditions for the location that you are a currently at, including the current temperature, humidity, and forecast conditions.

  • A Service Technician checking-in when arriving at a specific destination.

  • Asking for verbal driving directions, and have a directional map be displayed.

  • Take a pictures of something and upload it to Google+.

  • Video chat that allows your caller to see what you see, and for you to see them at the same
    time that you are conversing with them.

This could end up revolutionizing the mobile communications market, and could have a profound impact on various industries, including support services, manufacturing, and retailing.

Google has announce that the first version of these glasses are anticipated to be release near the end of 2012, with targeted price range somewhere between $250 to $500

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