A First For Microsoft

From Komo News

"Microsoft is for the first time letting consumers try out its upcoming Windows 8 operating system, which it hopes will be used to power a new wave of computer tablets and traditional PCs.

The test "beta" version of the revamped system was introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the planet’s largest cell phone trade show.

Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday offered it up free for download, along with free applications in a new "Windows Store." Windows 8 doesn’t have the traditional "Start" menu and applications are spread across a mosaic of tiles in a design Microsoft calls "Metro."

The tiles, which resemble road signs, can be navigated with a finger swipe on the screen or with a keyboard and mouse."
So you want to see what Windows 8 looks like with out having to lose your files.  Try it in a Virtual Machine.  A while back I tried the "Preview" of Windows 8, and as the title "Preview" relates to, it was just that.  Most things were not ready for public consumption, as a "beta" things might still not work correctly, you can get a better picture of the look and feel.

Give it a try in a VM.  To me it was more like how a smartphone looks and feels.


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